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Scrap Jewelry


This is gold, silver, or platinum, with or without colored stones and diamonds in 10K, 14K, 18K, and higher. Unfortunately the market has little demand for common pre-owned jewelry. Regardless of what you have heard or what you believe, more than eighty five per cent of all jewelry purchased is sold for scrap melt value, not at retail. The remaining fifteen percent that can be resold at retail is either exceptionally in trend, beautiful, or a larger more expensive item, is a signed piece, and/or rare and sought after.


Antique, Vintage, & Estate Jewelry

Beautiful, antique, vintage, and estate jewelry is always in high demand and we are strong buyers. Pieces between 20 and 100 years old are classified as Vintage. Older jewelry is antique. Estate pieces are previously owned jewelry and can be from any period, or genre in history. This jewelry is usually acquired from estates or was previously sold or passed down at least once. Pieces like these are often antique or vintage in nature.

Antique Jewelry Set
Cash for Designer Jewelry

Signed Jewelry

Few pieces of jewelry are better than signed silver  jewelry. Good sought after makers are always in demand and many reflect strong prices in the market. Even newer, signed items do very well. Tiffany pieces are great examples that are worth far more than the exact same items without a signature.


Silver Jewelry

We love silver jewelry of all types, makes, and origins foreign and domestic. Condition, age, correct markings and “the look” are all very important factors.

Cash for Silver
Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry

Ninety percent of costume jewelry has little to no value. For it to have ANY value, the jewelry should be older, signed items that in all likelihood, were purchased many years ago and usually have gold, silver, and or presucios stones incorporated in the design. This can include pieces such as sterling silver, vintage, designer, and fashion jewelry. Those who collect costume jewelry generally accumulate many pieces over the years and we welcome large boxes of costume jewelry as well as single, signed pieces for an offer.


Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry

We will buy any diamond at the fairest price that the market has to offer. However, many have very little demand and have to be purchased for a low price due to diamond size, clarity, cut; marquise, hearts, and pear shaped diamonds do not sell easily. We usually sell items like this for a 10% profit to wholesalers or jewelry makers. We are looking for larger, nicer stones. Most of the better diamonds have a GIA certificate which makes it easier for us to give the maximum price.

Getting the most money for your diamonds hinges on a variety of factors while being evaluated and their value is determined by Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat weight. Experts refer to these as “the “Four Cs.”

Cash for Diamonds
Cash for Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

Like most jewelry, wedding bands can be simple and relatively inexpensive or fancy and quite costly. Many of the better wedding bands also have small diamonds on them and their value reflects this addition. Settings can be gold, platinum or occasionally silver. Their value is determined separately by the weight and purity of the metal and the current market price.

We buy all types of wedding bands and engagement rings. We receive a large number of these each week from people who are no longer married to their former spouse and no longer wish to wear this jewelry. As a result, many wedding bands that were once important to their wearer now reside in a jewelry box or drawer collecting dust.

Turn your old, unwanted wedding bands and engagement rings into dust free fast cash. 



Rolex is known to hold its value the best. More people desire pre-owned Rolex watches than any other brand as the prices of new ones are high and supply has fallen short. As a result, good condition, pre-owned Rolex watches bring a premium. This obviously applies to the most popular models and not to ones that have far less demand.

Other watches such as Patek, IWC,  Panerai, Hubolt, Vacheron, Cartier, Breitling, and Tag Heuer do well but not as well as Rolex. There are many other brands with a few models that are in high demand.

Condition and age are two most important factors used to determine what we can offer. 

We Buy Rolex Watches
Cash for Coins


We buy most coins foreign and US. Coins that are graded by NGC or PCGS bring more money. Coins that have the CAC sticker on the holder bring a premium. A coin’s value is determined by rarity and condition.

There is no charge for us to look at and assay your items. We are happy to sort through what you send, we will identify your coins, and give you the best possible offer.

If you do not want to spend time sorting and listing your items, simply send us the package and we will sort it out.



We buy all bullion  items gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium  of all types and varieties. Whether you have bars or ingots of precious metals, minted bullion coins, private mint coins or medals, rounds, or odd size/weight silver, Certified bullion coins (PCGS and NGC graded) Numismatic and Collector Coins, old Silver Coins, Silver Quarters, Silver Dimes Pre-1965, Junk Silver Coins.

The price we pay for bullion will be based on the metal’s spot price the day we receive it, not the day it was sent. At times, bullion prices are volatile and can fluctuate rapidly.

If you are a repeat seller, you can lock in your price on the day you ship.

Cash for Bullion

Sterling Silver & Anything Silver

Tea sets, serving trays, flatware, hollowware, candle stick holders, figurines, anything silver or sterling silver.


Dental Gold

Old dental crowns, bridges and gold fillings all usually have value. Since the price of gold and other precious metals typically found in dental alloys (platinum, palladium, silver) has risen dramatically in the past decade, you can make money by selling these items in the melt market.

A scrap crown’s value is based on how much precious metal it contains, which is a function of both its size (actual weight) and the type of alloy that’s been used to construct it. Determining the weight of the restorations is straightforward, but the type of alloy used to make them adds a lot of variables to the equation. Reason being dental alloys contain gold, as well as other valuable metals (typically platinum, palladium and silver). Some have no precious metal content at all giving them zero value.

Dental Gold

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